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Pray for God's divine healing for my elderly parents and myself. Bless our lives, bless our finances, protect us and keep us safe.
Pray for my healing from depression. May God do what is best for us.....
PS I hurt my lower back the other day doing some work- please pray for it's healing and that I am free of pain.
PS Please pray my apartment neighbor won't be so noisy.

-kevin  1438702310

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Please pray for the healing and health of me and my elderly parents.
May God bless us, bless our finances, protect us and keep us safe....
I pray God does what is best for us.

-kevin  1438701233

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Dear Prayer Friends, I asked that each of you remember my family during this crisis within the family. I have pray about this and seeking prayers warriors to pray with and for us as a family. Our Father knows the detail better then I do and I have trust in him that he will lift all of us out of this situation of fussing and threatening. Please pray for my family as I am losing control. I pray for strength, passion, wisdom and understanding that we all can get beyond this and let things that has happen in the past be forgiving and moved forward. Thanks in advance and God Bless each one of you. I'm sorry but I can not afford to donate any funds at this time. Please pray for us all.

-Ricky  1438623376

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My elderly father lives by himself and is forgetful..
Bless and protect him in his home and keep him safe when he drives around town.

-kevin  1438528431

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Pray for my healing from hopelessness, fear, and depression.
Bless me with joy and happiness.

-kevin  1438444029

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