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I pray that Amar receives wisdom in Jesus name. Amar, be smart and wise. Accept what Jesus offers to you. Jesus wants to give you His very best. Amar,You need him.... Do not be a fool...hear the word of God... hear the voice of the Holy Spirit...

-elise  1410251998

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Made a pretty stupid mistake last night, although it wasn't anything insulting towards you Father, please forgive me and set me back on the right track. Let things get better for me from here on, and let me be successful in finishing all 4 years of my college.


-Jessica  1410199554

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Dear god please forgive all my sins and forgive me for the hurt and pain I have caused people and that they will forgive me and you forgive me to. Like I forgave people lol thank you Dear God Amem,,,I've done a lot of things and I'm asking for forgiveness Dear God ,,thank you Deafr Godh Amen

-charlotte  1410097700

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Lord please forgive me for being mean and acting out praying for forgivness.

-Monique  1410095089

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please pray for self forgiveness and to not be paralyzed by dread

-donna  1409690208

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