Prayers for Forgiveness Submitted to Our Community

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Please pray that my sister will forgive me and become a Saint as well as all of my family and love me more than I love them in Jesus's Name, Amen!

-Colin  1396484726

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Dear God, please forgive me and take away my desire to watch pornography.


-Jessica  1396317160

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I pray he forgives me and talks to me. I feel bad and said things out of hurt and angry. God bless our friendship and friendship. Amen

-tammy  1396285997

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Heavenly Father I thank thee for every blessings you have bestowed upon me and my husband and kids. Today, I ask thee for forgiveness. I know things that I should tell my husband but don't have the heart to tell him regarding the altercation that happened to our family in June 2013 that there are new charges that haven't been process that is now being process. Dear Lord, I ask thee for guidance and help in these matters that whatever happens that my husband will be okay. That you give the knowing that everything will work out even after this. Please I beg thee for help. I am so heart broken that ultimately I am at fault in whatever happens to him. Please Dear Lord, help me to takecare of my husband and kids. Help us all heal. If we need to learn a lesson of doing thy will give us thy love, guidance, comfort and forgiveness through all of these problems. Please be with all of us always. I humbly ask that you be with my husband and kids. In name of thy son. Amen.

-Lea  1396278933

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please pray for God to forgive my son Thomas and to speak to hearts & minds of the judge & DA to forgive my son & frop all charges ,pray that God keeps my son from going to jailm he goes to court 3-31-14 @3pm pacific time for sentencing on marijuana possession. this is his first offensem pray that God takes charge and protects my chilld. amen

-Beatrice  1396236038

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