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My apartment neighbors have been noisy lately....
Please pray that they will be quiet.

-kevin  1445780393

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Please pray for the healing, blessing, safety, and protection of me and my elderly parents.
Pray God does what is best for us.
Pray for the safety and protection of our finances......
May God bless you and your families.

-kevin  1445691384

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I was recently hospitalized and treated for an irregular heartbeat. The doctors have gotten my heartbeat back to normal and given me some new medications to take.
Please pray for me.
Would you also pray for the health, safety, and protection of my elderly parents and me as well as our finances..
God bless!

-kevin  1445525368

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God will you forgive me. You know my life wasn't always like it is today, at one time I had money I wasn't rich but I wasn't in debit. I owned a home I worked I paid my bills. I were on trips. I always did all the things that a good up standing person did. I got tired of never doing the things I saw other people doing. My sister who worked for a big company I though liked me I found out she was really out to hurt and destroy me and I still don't know why. My late husband who was always beating me up for cheating on him and accusing me of things was out on for himself and didn't really care about his kids or me. He only wanted things for himself. I finely found all this out after I was in my 50's and really lost my since of reality. I moved to the state I live in now started gambling and lost everything that I worked all those years for now I am in debit and having to file bankruptcy God will you please for give me. I love my kids but 2 of them don't even talk to me the other I don't know if she is going to make it when I die. I know her brother will not help her. Please help me God I ask you to please help me with my debits and my children. I never meant to get myself in this mess. Will you please help me God, and I ask you to pray that God will help me. AMEN

-Wilma  1445498112

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I have a very stressful job and have requested a transfer. Please pray for good to come out of this situation and please ask God to grant my request. Thanks and God bless!

-kathy  1445123380

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