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Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness and hope"!
I love you Jesus Son of the Living God"!
Jesus, I pray thee that I stay faithful to you and the Living God our Father"!
Help me Jesus, and I thank you for forgiving me of my sin"!

-Craig  1407175374

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I have always been blessed through prayers of my family in faith on this site. I am a school teacher, starting a new job next week. But I have a court date on August 25th, I request my prayer warriors family to pray that verdict should be in my favor and the case dismissed, so that I can carry on serving the student community and teaching my kids without any break. I ask forgive for any sins I committed intentionally or unknowingly. In the name of Jesus case dismissal be possible, Amen.

-SUE  1407103121

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Heal me and keith and ky ko keoe ow tr ad li help us to move on And
For give scott and heal us restores us and forgive us for. Our hate and us forgiveness and bitter ness kk

-lezlee  1406969111

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I pray for having a need that only came to be satisfied
by having to claim an unused, unattended asset at a nearby
park where I live...the asset-A bicycle, which I need for the new job that I will be starting in the coming days to get back and forth...I regret having had to "take" it and pray foregiveness to the person who, seemingly abandoned it in the first place! If it is the person to whom I think it might belong-the consolation is it is in safekeeping!!( I will need to use it in the mean time however to accomplish the aforementioned need) May God bless me with one of my own very soon! Amen

-Patrick  1406910360

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praying my daughter and myself can forgive Stanley for being disrespectful and bringing shame and harm to our family. He is going into the Navy on Aug 20 and asking God to continue converting his heart mind and actions. Amen. Jesus bring forgiveness and healing to all areas of Christina and my heart.

-Julie  1406547778

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