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Believe no matter what, and I hope that we all can be more like Jesus :)! (Faith in God is the key!)
That's Forsure!

-Craig  1422738142

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Lord thy God heal the broken hearts of people who trying really hard to find their way :)!
You shall be free, you shall prosper, you shall be in the light of Jesus Christ, you shall be heal, you are a child of God, and the blessings and favor of God shall be upon you :)!

-Craig  1422737814

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Please be with us, Lord, in our households and in our world. Thank you, Jesus

-ginny  1422737118

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Please pray that this Sunday we are filled with people to the max including lots of young people, to minster the Lord's Word to, all by the Lord's grace and all to the Lord's glory!

-S  1422736203

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I would like to request prayers for daughter. She is a beautiful girl with three children and pregnant with twins. Her boyfriend mistreats her mentally and physically and she thinks that is okay. I have spoken with her about it. I have called the police and had him incarcerated because my grandbaby called me. I think she thinks she cannot make it on her own, but she pays a majority of the bills and what she cannot we help her. I care for two of her children and have been for years, so that leaves her w/one and soon the twins. He is an alcoholic and tries to tell her what to do and when to do it. I think she fears him, but she will not talk to me. I check on her daily. I do not understand because she was raised differently, going to church and away from all harm.

I would like to request prayers to make her understand that she doesn't have to live her life in that manner. Life is the way you make it and it is beautiful. LORD, I ASK OF YOU TO KEEP A GUARDIAN ANGEL OVER MY DAUGHTER AND GRANDBABIES AT ALL TIMES AND KEEP THEM SAFE FROM HARM, IN YOUR NAME I ASK AMEN.

Desperate in need of prayers

-Erik   1422734775

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