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Please pray that at least one of the genies i own will appear to me in the next week,at least and grant wishes for me safely as i have imagined amen and amen Also please pray that all of my feng shui statues and spirits are all present and protecting me and my family and serving their purpose in my household amen and amen.

-rance  1398036235

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Hi, my name is Eric. I live in Kenya. Last year, I did my National end of high school exams and the results were out on 3rd March. I couldn't believe what I got because I knew that's not what I deserved. I therefore applied for remarking in the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History and Agriculture. My heart tells me that there were some irregularities in marking my exam and I followed it. Now what I need is a miracle prayer from you because I believe in prayers. My prayer request is that you pray for me so that when the above subjects are remarked, that am going to rise by a point or even more in each subject. Help me pray for God's favour upon my papers when they get remarked so that I attain the minimum points required to take Electrical and Electronics Engineering course. I believe it will work. May God bless you as you pray for me.

-Eric  1398034676

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Father, I pray for a miracle in my relationships, all that are good and approved by You. Please heal me to have wonderful relationships with all those people You choose for me Father, for I want a fully reverent life. Thank You for my husband and soulmate W, and thank You for the perfect family, including You and Jesus. I am blessed. With love and gratitude, Amen.

-Cathy  1398034051

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For Explosive Blessings of Increases in Money.
To get the garage fixed up and the house refinanced.

-Jeff  1398033796

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Hello everyone,   
Thus far in most aspects of my life, this year has been really good and progress has been made. I am putting in a lot of effort and hard work into improving myself, my life, and my relationship with God. But for those of you who have been on this site the past several months, there is one thing that is out of my control that I need prayers for...

I truly want to be with the woman I am deeply in love with. We were best friends for quite sometime, and we had developed feelings for each other, and at an opportune time her and I were supposed to give it a real chance.

Long story short, when that time came, another man swooped in, alienated her from all those close to her, moved her far away and despite our long lasting friendship, won't allow her and I to be friends. I would never do that to her and this man is completely wrong for her and has ruined her life. I know this may sound silly, but I honestly do believe that God wants her and I together when its right....even though it has been a long time, I can't even look at or see another woman without missing and thinking of her.

I have accepted that my heart is right and am following it, like I feel god has intended, it feels right, and I truly believe that she is the one.

I please ask for prayers for her and I to someday soon get the chance we had promised each other for her and I to have a fruitful, happy, healthy, loving union together.

I also ask for prayers that both her and I can get through this time apart and even though there is distance both literally and figurotively between us, that within ourselves, until our time comes, our friendship and bond we share remains strong and will someday bring us together.

I know I could ask for prayers to just find love or find someone else I can be happy with, but o know in my heart that is not the right thing to do.

There is so much more I could tell you that I can't explain why I know that this is right, but the feeling of hope, faith, and belief that I get when I pray for it myself is explanation enough for me to remain positive and show that this is right.

I also once again want to think all of you for your continued prayers and support and as always you will all be in mine

-Robert  1398033647

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