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Wow! God is truly a blessor! Yesterday, I was blessed in a couple of unexpected ways. God is awesome!

I continue to praise Him and see restoration coming. God shows Himself faithful daily which increases my faith in Him.

God is the God of restoration. He is my restorer, healer, savior, deliverer and so much more! God is faithful - o taste and see that the Lord is good!

Praise God for the relationship Cliff and I have. Praise God for my great friends, relatives and awesome parents. Thank you God for favor, peace, hope and so much more! Thank you God for blessing the relationship and making it better than it ever was - we have love, friendship, romance, peace, awesome communication, compatibility and so much more. Most of all, our relationship glorifies YOU and everyone knows that You put us together and have blessed our relationship!

Thank you for blessing my parents, friends and loved ones abundantly and they give you thanks...

I am fully persuaded that what God has promised He will do! God does not lie. He is awesome.

Walking with the Lord, is never boring! Thank you Lord for blessing me abundantly that I may be a blessing to others!

-Daphne  1438710226

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Pray for God's grace to change me. Pray that I love God with all my heart, soul, and mind.

-Jonathan  1438710121

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Lord please help me to be positive and put the peace of God that is beyond understanding upon me. Lord help me to enjoy today and I thank you for helping me get a bed and my dryer fixed. Lord help me to sing with joy today. Amen

-Robert  1438707234

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Lord I thank you for your love and provision. Lord forgive me of my sins as I forgive others. Lord please help me with my hospital bills. Lord I need you to intervene and help me to please pay them all off fast. Lord IT IS REALLY HURTING ME FINANCIALLY.Please God I need around ten thousand dollars to pay everybody. Thank you Jesus. I ask this in your holy name Amen

-Robert  1438707014

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need restoration in my life

-Matthew  1438706852

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