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I ask all of you to pray for my ex gf she has had alot of personal issues and I pray that god will work with her.

-Junior  1430127944

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-To pay off the house in full, in 2 months..for Supernatural Blessings of Increase! -House refinancing to turn out in my favor, to be complete, for the appraisal to go great today. -For a fully funded Roth IRA. -To live on Hawaiian Islands and/or US Virgin Islands -For Increases of Money! -For a wonderful career. To keep all of my clerking hours at my current job..this or something much better Thank You

-Jeff  1430126584

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For continuous hours with the post office clerk job, route 1 and 3. To also work the window.
For house refinancing to go great, as its appraisal time Today. Thank You :)

-Jeff  1430126411

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Please pray for the complete healing of my aunt Corazon de leon. Please pray that the Lord will give her mercy and heal her whole body completely most specially her heart. May all her sickness go away and be healed. May all themedicines cure her sickness. May there be options to cure her heart valves and may we afford it. May our Lord answer our prayers amen.

-Teza  1430121949

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I come against suicide in Jesus' name. Please pray

-ginny  1430120845

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