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To all those that have reading my posts and praying for me. I have borrowed the money for my hernia surgery. I found a place 3 hrs from me that does discount surgeries for people w no insurance. PLEASE pray for me that it goes well. My surgery is this Friday. I am very nervous...I have no family.I will be in a strange city..alone in a strange hotel...I feel so far from my usual strong self. I pray to be out of pain after 11 weeks of this...Pray my recovery goes smoothly. Bless you all in the name of Christ Amen

-Richard  1406121351

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I want to be free from all my pains and troubles. In Jesus name I pray amen

-elise  1406120720

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I am asking for prayers for Justin. He has never had it easy, but was always a good, kind, considerate person who does the right thing. He has always wanted to be a police officer and is now beginning the investigation process, please pray that he will be hired and do Gods work. Thank you and God bless you.

-susan  1406119025

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Novena to Saint Martha
The prayer that follows must be recited for nine consecutive Tuesdays, lighting a candle on each Tuesday.
This miraculous Saint has been known to grant anything, no matter how difficult it is, before the ninth Tuesday.

Saint Martha,
I resort to thy aid and protection.
As proof of my affection and faith,
I offer thee this light,
which I shall burn every Tuesday.

Comfort me in all my difficulties
and through the great favors thou didst enjoy
when the Savior was lodged in thy house,
intercede for my family,
that we be provided for in our neccessities.
I ask of thee, Saint Martha,
to overcome all difficulties
as thou didst overcome the dragon
which thou hadst at thy feet.
In the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Amen Recite the following prayers...
Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

-Sandy  1406118714

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Lord I'm praying for a financial blessing for my daughter who is desperately in need of funding so that she my stay in school this semester. ..We have tried everything. .no one is responding to our donation site. Lord I'm praying that finances come through. .Education is very important for her success....I pray for financial blessings in your name Lord God Amen.......

Lord I pray I am selected for the job I interviewed for on yesterday. .Touch the hearts of the interviewers. I'm so tired of life's struggles Lord. I'm experiencing depression because I'm often unable to make ends meet. Getting back and fourth to work daily is often a struggle. .Lord please give me your grace and guidance. .

-Doretha  1406118515

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