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Please pray for my ex. He suffers from extreme anxiety and depression. He pushed me away and just about cut me out of his life. It seems he has attempted to do so with everyone who was once close with him. Please pray he reaches out again. There's a large part of me that still loves him. I wasn't in love with him sadly, but I do love him a great deal and worry for him. Please pray that he has a turn around and that he begins communicating with me again and lets me help him or at least gets help from a professional he can trust. He needs so much help.

My instinct says there's something very wrong with him currently. Please pray he is protected. I am so concerned for him today. Thank you.

-allison  1398291133

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Please pray for
-an unbeliever, Colt. Pray that walls would be broken down, for God to draw him to Jesus, and protection from Satan.
-for me to let go of Colt spiritually and trust that God will take care of him.
-for me to be drawn closer to God through trials/tough time right now.
-time management

Thank you! Praise be to God.

-Kayla  1398290983

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Please Dear Lord, I come to you once again humbly and lovingly, to ask that you lead Tom and I to reconcile our relationship and to work together to make it stronger and more loving each day. Lord, I know that I've made so many mistakes, have said and done so many things that I regret. Dear Lord, I pray that You, in Your infinite Love and Wisdom, will bless me with the chance to make things right with Tom and to show him how much I truly love and care for him. Please, Dear Lord, guide me to proper action to earn his love and trust back. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And please, Dear Lord, bless all those here at GPC. They are my friends and family. I am truly grateful for all of their love and support. Please bless them all with love, health, happiness, and abundance in all forms. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU. AMEN

-Cynthia  1398290870

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Lord please forgive me I been really mean and I dont want to be mean anymore lord please soften my heart and please let the people around. Me forgive me also.

-Sherard  1398290485

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God hasn't been listening or heard any of my prayers so far so I just ask YOU THE COMMUNITY to pray that my last prayer is heard. Let it happen to me not my child

-HBC  1398289813

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