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please pray fot my exams this week and the next i am trusting the lord to pass and also do well.

please pray for focus and to be drawn closer to the Lord, I feel like i am letting him down

God Bless

-Janade  1413896127

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Help me to stop buying things to try to cover the empty in my heart and soul. I have spent thousands of dollars on things... To look a certain way in hopes of drawing people in, to love me. It has never worked and all I have are piles of clothes I don't want, and don't take care of, and emptiness in my heart from being cast out from love and belonging.

Lord, send me the things you wrote on my heart. Send me am equal to share my life with, to be stimulated by and kind with and pushed to be better. More than anything I long to be a servant, I don't like being the leader, I am better at serving and sacrificing for someone I believe in. I see it day in and day out at work, I am not sure how long I can maintain the ability to survive in a man's world. I want to slow down, I want to enjoy the things that give life meaning. I want to be able to be a partner to someone who is wonderful, so my service is not lost on them, I want them to be worthy of you and of the specialness and service I will give. I want, more than anything, to rest, to have the chance to be soft, tender, and let my big heart love in ways it was made to--full of hope and belief and kindness for others. I want the chance to cook meals for a family and stay up all night talking and feeling connected to another soul. You have shown me those things can exist, as they were in him...I can't think or talk about him now bc of who he is and what he has done to me, but bc of him, I know it exists. Bring those things to me, allow me the chance at that softness, that fullness, and to be valued bc of my servant heart.

-Lori  1413895786

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Dear Lord, I pray for a financial blessing and good health.
After 25 years cancer free, blood test indicate the cancer has returned. If that isn't heartbreaking enough, I may lose my home because I am behind on my mortgage. I need help with my power bill and repairs to my vehicle.Social Security is not adequate. Getting very depressed and losing hope. Nowhere to turn but to prayer.
In the name of Jesus I ask. Amen.

-VMGLD  1413895072

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Plz help me to be able to learn to be well. To
Save money and manage money and follow a budget, to have self control, to work on leadership and my career, plz help me to be able to grow my accounts where I lost the last few months.

Plz help me to heal fully. Plz let me be able to live my dream of finding love and belonging that I have searched for my whole life. Allow me to live the desires YOU wrote on my heart, instead of forcing me away from them and with holding them from me while you give to everyone else. Help me to trade anger for grace, and thankfulness for comparison. But through it all plz understand my pain, hear my hurt, feel the self destruction my anger has caused.

-Lori  1413894986

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Thank you for support. Thank you for a new start. Thank you for days of rest.

Today help me to get caught up, help me to be able to have reports turned in, find receipts, get organized again. Help me to do things I had forgotten I needed to complete.

Help me to be fit and organized and positive and fair and to learn that I am enough. Please help me to be out of his realm, and his ability to affect me, by not picking up the phone. Help me to simply let go of the things that hurt. Help me to purge and organize and learn whatever it is you want me to in this season, even though I do not want to.

-Lori  1413894685

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