Prayers Submitted to Our Community

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Prayer of healing for Bridges and Howard families in their loss. Pray God gives them inner peace. Pray for souls to be saved, rededicated and recomitted to Christ. Pray I will be a vessel for Christ to be an effective disciple with God's Word in my heart and mind. All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give.

-Ann  1467893814

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Pray for all church bodies to be led by the Holy Spirit. Pray God continues to keep us covered by His precious blood. Pray God's Word is proclaimed and we apply to our daily lives. Pray we love God and one another. Pray for Rev Cooper and all ministers of the gospel to ask God for wisdom to be in leadership where he needs to be. Pray we be as one in the body of Christ. Pray Rev. Michael Smith is lead where he needs to be in ministry.

-Ann  1467893661

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Pray for Tiana, Beatrice, and Deja deliverane, guiance and protection. Pray the hostility and bitterness they have toward Joshua is turned to love and forgiveness. Pray they are covered by the blood of Jesus. Pray God is in each decision they make and they accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Pray they find a church body so they can be taught God's Word and be disciples of God. Pray Bea and Deja are respectful young ladies and pray their mom is a god-fearing woman of God. Pray God's blessings upon them.

-Ann  1467893605

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Pray Laverne and Richard and those unemployed get jobs. Pray God blesses the economy and jobs are plentiful. Pray hearts open and those that have jobs are released. Pray that we give as God has given us to bless others in need. Pray blessings overflows from breast to breast.

-Ann  1467893548

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Prayer Melvin and Kim continues to send their monthly rent payments. Pray the rental property does not have any break downs while Robert is away. Pray things there and things at home stays fixed each day.

-Ann  1467893486

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