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Please pray for the health and safety of our friends and family to be cancer free. And financial security

-Gus  1432440703

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All day prayers, and these demons are still manifesting, making my brother snore loudly at me in the living room. I have a headache. Lord put an end to all the pressure and tension and stress. Please let me know what i have to do according to your will, if u won't remove these demons from me. Is it a paul's thorn in the flesh, satans demons to buffet me, i'm exhausted, just got through breaking generational curses almost everyone known to mankind! There have been Satanists delivered from worse sins and occultic involvements. I am innocent, please show compassion and bring deliverance NOW. I'm sick of these demons, they only wish to cause people miscarriages, and all kinds of problems. I need this out my life Lord,

-Ja-son  1432437517

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Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing me and my family and prayer partners with, great health,long healthy and happy lives ahead of each of us,love,mercy,contentment,joy,and protection and all your other wonders and favors for us all in Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen,Praise the lord!!!,Thank you Jesus Thank you Lord.

-Stephanie  1432436208

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Father God the great I am, there is none like you father God, the God who is in heaven, the father of Jesus Christ. Father God this is a prayer going up to you to remove evil negative energy from this house. Father God when things are going right in the home, in this house, it’s because your angels are there and they are not evil and they are not negative, however your child is experiencing a different kind of energy, it’s an evil negative energy there sensing in this house and they want you father God and only you can and will give us the power to remove this evil negative energy.

Father God confuse right now these demons that come in the form of evil negative energy, confuse all of them right now, cause satanic disagreement amongst all of them. All their evil schemes and strategies, and tactics and evil plans and all their evil satanic demonic structures and buildings and bases they have setup in this house destroy and tear all of them down. Father God we want you to clean up the atmosphere in this house, there is too much evil negative energy in the air. Clear it up father God.

-Ja-son  1432434367

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Please pray my body heals quickly. Gratiful for your Prayers. Amen.

-Dot  1432433704

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