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it is so simple, and yet so hard. Prayers here have worked before and much changed, but still could use the power of prayer. I ask for pray for help with the restoration of my relationship, that it be restored and we begin to build our lives together, and in service to the Lord.

This situation needs many prayers. I humbly thank you all in advance and for even just being here.


-Lola  1454949629

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-Lori  1454949525

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Dear lord, continue to heal my family and you I pray amen

-k  1454947589

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Last night I was awakened to pray for my friend for over an hour that he would be delivered from this ungodly soul tie. I pray that my friend is strengthened by God to stay away from his ex-gf. I pray that he is protected by the precious blood of Jesus which will repel the enemy.

Bless my friend with Your discernment powers Lord, he has asked for discernment to know what to do and asked my advice. I pray that he is willing to to what is right and that the enemy will flee as though being chased.

I know God has great things planned for my friend and as things were improving the enemy tries to attack. I am praying from victory and know that my friend has been set free.

-Daphne  1454945246

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General Prayer Request:

Oh God our Father we pray for your Grace/Help wherever there is need particularly general welfare for every member of this prayer community in Jesus Name, amen!

-Fredrick  1454944816

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